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This is amazing news!

NRK have planned something very special for each of the Melodi Grand Prix semi finals. During the voting stages, former Norwegian MGP participants will be invited back to perform a unique duet each week. Here’s the line-up;

Ørland, 15/01: Alexander Rybak and Keep Of Kalessin
Skien, 29/01: Didrik Solli-Tangen and Bjørn Johan Muri
Sarpsborg (second chance round), 05/02: Maria Haukaas Storeng and Wig Wam

But most exciting of all is what they have lined up for the heat which takes place in Florø on the 22nd of this month – GURI SCHANKE and ALEXANDER STENERUD! Wow. Below is a full technicolour reminder of what these two schlager legends can do on their own. So the two of them together should be a treat and a half!

We can only dream that they’re saving Lene Alexandra for the final!

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