So, last night was our first ever venture to Allsång På Skansen, and the first show of the season too. As a result, the stars were laid on thick and strong. And it was a bit of a Eurovision fest, with Carola, The Ark, and Anna Bergendahl all performing.

Highlight of the night (by far) for us, was a duet between Carola and The Ark, of one of The Ark’s old songs ‘Calleth You, Cometh I’. We hadn’t heard the song before, but were totally blown away. It’s epic! Especially when the crowd start singing along automatically, unprompted, at the middle eight. Have a look and a listen below.

Carola was on top from, as has been the case quite a lot recently. In keeping with her Elvis and Barbara Streisand phase, she performed a cover of ‘You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling’. Also, to our pleasant surprised, we discovered that after the Allsång På Skansen cameras stop rolling, the show actually continues on for another half hour. Each of the artists come out again and do one more song. Carola returned in a FLOOR LENGTH SILVER SPARKLY GOWN (it truly was gorgeous) and gave us a rendition of Barbara’s ‘Woman In Love’

The Ark were a delight. We hadn’t seen them live before, so it was quite the treat! They did ‘Take A Shine To Me’ from their new album. But we actually much preferred the song they sung after the show, ‘Stay With Me’, which is also from their new album.

Anna Bergendahl looked better than she ever has before, thanks to a nice dress, stilettos, a slight fringe, and some make up (in other words, she made an effort!). She gave us ‘This Is My Life’, and then when the show had finished, she came back and performed the song that first won the public over when she auditioned for Idol – ‘Have A Heart’. Her performance of ‘This Is My Life’ isn’t on youtube yet, but should be later, so keep an eye out there.

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