Discotheque Domination!

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Earlier this month we wrote (a slightly obsessive) three stories about Elin Lanto’s audio immigration to the UK with the best song of her career, ‘Discotheque’. Well here’s the fourth!


617465197055 lgIt’s now been picked up by scandipop friendly label Ultra Records in the US. They’ve bunged it on iTunes already so that American pop fans can lap it up and have a synthesiser induced sugar rush that will give you much stronger wings than any can of Red Bull ever will. What’s more, it’s been backed up by a remix by Jonas Von Der Burg   the man behind the best songs by September and Gathania. What’s even more still, they’ve included Elin’s other satisfying stomper from 2008, ‘My Favourite Pair Of Jeans’. A stellar purchase by anyone’s standard, we think you’ll agree. Back in the UK, it’s still paralyzing cable and satellite viewers with its heavy rotation on Clubland TV. AATW will be releasing it in the first half of the year.


If you live in the US, you can buy ‘Discotheque’ from Ultra Records’ online store here; http://store.ultrarecords.com/279, or from iTunes. Happy camping!

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