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eddieraz 55525804This week’s guest Spotify playlister for, is Eddie Razaz! The dark and brooding half of REbound, who is now working feverishly away on some solo music.

He’s compiled a playlist called ‘Eddie’s Favvolåtar’, a collection of his favourite songs. And we’re loving that he shares our penchant for 90’s pop ballads! He’s included three of our favourite Madonna songs (‘This Used To Be My Playground’, ‘Take A Bow’, and ‘Secret’), Melanie C’s classic ‘Northern Star’, Spice Girls’ ‘Goodbye’, and our absolute favourite Michael Jackson song of all time – ‘Stranger In Moscow’. He’s also included some up-tempo moments from Britney and Janet, a bit of melo-drama from Kelly Clarkson and Leona Lewis, and we LOVE that he’s not ashamed to admit that he loves Carrie Underwood’s unintentionally ridiculous ‘Jesus Take The Wheel’ – we adore it too.

This guy is an admirable pop connoisseur! Plus, he’s the first scandipop celeb to not include any of his own tracks in our playlists – the modest young chap.

You can have a listen to the playlist here, check out our other guest playlisters here, and if you can’t access Spotify, the tracklisting is in the comments section below.

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