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Oh my good Lord, this is absolutely terrific!

We’ve been living with the video for ‘Mercy Mercy’ by highly likeable Swedish pop act, Le Kid, for the best part of a year now. And now that they’re on the verge of something very big (more on that below), they’ve got together to reignite some interest in the video and in the song. What they’ve done is a little bit genius, and a lot entertaining. They’ve re-written the lyrics to ‘Mercy Mercy’ as a voiceover to what’s happening in their video. So each line represents what’s happening in each shot of the video at that time. They’ve also recorded these vocals, and they’re sung over the video, replacing the original track. Those that have seen the infamous viral of the Bonnie Tyler video for ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’, will know that whilst that doesn’t sound very funny or clever written down on paper, it’s absolutely hilarious in practise! It’s a literal version of the video.

Ok, now onto the news. Well….two things. Firstly, they’re about to blow up in Sweden, where ‘Mercy Mercy’ has been steadily climbing the airplay chart of massive radio station P3 for the last few weeks. But secondly, we spoke to their label manager on Saturday night, and he told us some big news about their international launch. In a large country. With a record deal. We’re not entirely sure if we’re supposed to say anything, so we’re veering on the side of caution and being vague. But hooray – it seems like it’s finally about to happen for them. Pop really will be a much nicer place when they’re lording over it!

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And now for the video;

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