The results of the 2nd Heat of Melodi Grand Prix 2010

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This took place on Saturday. We had our favourites, we had songs that we liked, and we had songs that we hated. As always, the results didn’t exactly go as we wished, but they went more in our favour than usual and could have been a lot worse!

Our absolute favourite song, ‘Give It To Me’ by Alexander Stenerud qualified directly to the final, so we’re over the moon about that. It’s the first song in the final that we really like. Our second favourite, ‘Jealous Cause I Love You’ by Venke Knutson only managed to qualify for the second chance round, but like we say – it could have been a lot worse. It actually was a lot worse for two of the songs that we liked, by Tomine Harket and Hanne Haugsand – they both found themselves in the bottom three after the televote, and were thus eliminated from the competition, along with that dire tune from the Skanksters. The other qualifier to the final was Maria Arredondo with her nice enough ballad, ‘The Touch’. And the other qualifier for the second chance round was Heine Totland with the not so nice ‘The Best Of Me Is You’.

Here are the performances in order of how much we enjoyed them!

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