NONONO: ‘Hungry Eyes’

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Swedish trio NONONO returned today (in Sweden anyway) with the follow-up to last year’s big hit ‘Pumpin Blood’. Last year’s big hit which will hopefully become this year’s big hit for them in the UK, if it ever makes the transition from TV adverts to radio playlists.

The new single in Sweden is ‘Hungry Eyes’. And this morning it had its premiere play on P3 radio (‘Pumpin Blood’ was P3’s most played song of 2013). The song is – as you would hope and expect – not exactly breaking the mould that its predecessor set so perfectly. If you loved that one, then chances are you’ll really like this one too. We know because we loved that one and we really like this one too.

NONONO, made up of vocalist and songwriter Stina Wäppling, and production duo Astma & Rocwell (Tobias Jimson and Michel Flygare), will release their debut album ‘We Are Only What We Feel’ on February 24th.

EDIT: The video premiered today. Watch it here;

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