Adelén: ‘Bombo’ (the video!)

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AdelenBomboVid e1363082392795

Adelén, one of the saviours of the schlager season thanks to her almighty ‘Bombo’ (not a euphemism), has today come out with the music video for that very single.

She’s headed to sunnier climates to film it, taking with her a handsome young scamp to frolic around with, and a couple of girly mates. Surprisingly we don’t see much in the name of sangria drenched late nights at the copacabana(na), and she keeps it innocent enough – instead choosing to channel her energies into sport. What a good girl. And so well rounded too! Golf, bowling, foosball….! And still finding the resources to give us a dance routine on the beach.

Watch the video below. And take yourself back to that eye opener of a performance at Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix right here.

Bombo - Single - Adelén


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