The Melodifestivalen Files: Sarah Dawn Finer

SarahDawnFiner b200h267uIf there’s one thing we don’t want at Melodifestivalen 2009, it’s a contest full of ballads. Thanks to the popularity of Sanna Nielsen’s ‘Empty Room’ this year, both in the contest and in the charts, launching a successful second album for her, there’s the worry that 2009 will be quite ballad heavy (the Sanna effect!). Even Shirley Clamp is rumoured to be spoiling what should be her schlagertastic comeback, and instead returning with a slow love song. However, one lady we don’t mind seeing standing on stage belting out a tear jerker and not partaking in a lot of body movement is Sarah Dawn Finer.


Sarah made her rather successful Melodifestivalen debut in 2007, with the track ‘I Remember Love’. She qualified directly from her semi final (beating the likes of Sanna Nielsen, After Dark, Magnus Uggla, and another of the names already announced for 2009 – Caroline af Ugglas), and in the final she came 4th, coming 3rd in the jury vote. The single was a success in Sweden that year, and helped her debut album ‘A Finer Dawn’ get to number 2. Before Melodifestivalen, whilst not being a well known singer, she was a child actress – starring in television shows, films, and musicals. She self released a live EP in 2005 which is still available to buy via her website


7c0378c423cd4fc4a536a4ba9a152ae6 SarahDawnFinerHer entry next year is called ‘Moving On’, and was written with *SCREAM* Fredrik Kempe. It’s described as a ‘’dynamic, dramatic, beautiful, epic, big, strong song’’, and is a ballad. We’re already confident that it’ll probably be one of the best ballads next year though, so we’re looking forward to this surprisingly enough. We only hope her fashion sense at Melodifestivalen (pictured right) hasn’t changed in the slightest!!! And finally, to tie in with all this new publicity she’s receiving, Sarah has a new single out next week called ‘Does She Know You’. Does she fuck as like. Enjoy!

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