The Sound of Jennie Abrahamson

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jennie abrahamson

Swedish lovely, Jennie Abrahamson, dropped by the Nyhetsmorgon TV studios this morning to wow viewers with two songs from her new album, ‘The Sound of Your Beating Heart’.

And whilst this sort of music does really test the boundaries of what exactly we’re into, we did indeed find ourselves quite ‘wowed’ by her! She’s quite difficult to categorise, as is her sound. And perhaps that’s why we liked these songs. Whereas normally we admittedly baulk at anything slightly too indie or guitar based (a music snobbery which is just as bad as those who frown upon schlager, we know, WE KNOW!), Jennie and her songs charmed us. She’s a bit like a more guitar orientated version of Danish singer, Oh Land, whom we love to bits. So perhaps that’s where our appreciation is springing from.

The first track she performed was the current single, ‘Hard To Come By’. It’s definitely the strongest of the two. Very interesting melodically, and with kitsch and dramatic drum beats throughout. This is actually quite close in sound to the aforementioned Oh Land. We like that the melody in the verses has a rising quality to it, and then the chorus melody is a glorified chat in places. It’s the sort of song that sucks you in. And then she also performed ‘Wolf Hour’, which gets points for its gorgeous string middle eight – also a little reminescent of Oh Land’s song, ‘Lean’. Oh God she probably hates being compared to other artists, and actually also probably hates having her music dissected by a website that calls Three’s album amazing, so we’ll just shut up now and go back to listening to her songs instead!

You can watch both performances below, and listen to clips of each of the tracks from her new album here.

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