Elise Vatsvaag: ‘Neighborhood’

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Look at this pretty Norwegian lady singer, and listen to the equally pretty pop tune that she’s just made.

And it’s a free download too, GRAB it below, by fondling the arrow button on the right hand side of the soundcloud stream.

It’s ‘Neighborhood’ – a bright and cheerful song with a delightfully sunny disposition. It’s a bit of an odd one really. A hugely pleasant toe-tapper, but we sort of felt let down with the melody of the chorus. It (the chorus) starts off really well, and oozes potential to be big and poptastic, but it’s almost like she then intentionally tones it down. Or maybe we’ve just spent too much of our lives listening to Thomas G:son schlager compositions. In any case, it’s only a small gripe. On the whole, we like the song. And especially the catchy post-chorus hook.

‘Neighborhood’ is taken from her album ‘This Is Not My Music’. It’s an eight track record, with a new song being unveiled and released as a free download every month on her website. So keep visiting to unearth more treasures such as this;

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