Naomi Pilgrim: ‘No Gun’

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Here’s an ace debut that we were sent this week. Naomi Pilgrim and the first single from her forthcoming first EP.And as debuts go, it’s difficult to make more of an impression than ‘No Gun’ does. A great big WOW.

It’s an instantly likable track which has got the most intricate and finely tuned of productions, while maintaining a minimalist air throughout. And then over the top of it is Naomi’s purest of pop choruses, and lyrics that make for ‘Ironic’ 2013. The amusing lyrics and catchy melody help this crossover from alternative Scandisounds, to straight up Scandipop. And naturally, that aligns her to our tastes even more.

Naomi Pilgrim is half Swedish and half Bajan, growing up in Sweden where she discovered developed her craft. She’s worked alongside Lykke Li in the past, and now describes her own sound as “fusing styles across R&B and soul, rooted in modern pop, defining a distinct sound executed with poise and an evident street edge – musically and lyrically“.

Or in other words, this;


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