SONG: Erika Selin – ‘Break Me Up’


That name is familiar! In 2009 Erika Selin competed in Swedish Idol. Then in 2011 she released her debut single ‘I’m A Dreamer’. It’s been ALL quiet since then, but today she’s returned. And to quite some fanfare too. She’s one of the five artists hoping to represent Ireland at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. And with her, she brings a superb pop song.
A superb pop song, you say? A superb pop song. Swedish schlager pop with an Irish folk twist. Which is what you would hope and expect really from a Swedish Idol artist hoping to represent Ireland at Eurovision. And the key change deployed is IMMENSE.
Written by? Three Swedish gents. Gustav Eurén, Niclas Arn and Danne Attlerud. All three of them were responsible for ‘Your Lies’ from last year’s Danish Melodi Grand Prix, and Gustav and Niclas were behind Timoteij’s ‘Kom’, which is a life achievement in itself.
When does the Irish national final take place? February 27th.


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