Musikhjälpen got a great deal of Musik Hjälp this afternoon, when none other than Loreen dropped by to say hi, to sing some songs, and to urge viewers and listeners to donate some of their cash.

What did she sing?! What she sing?!

Well, she performed an acoustic version of album track ‘In My Head’ (oooooh!), and she also did a stunning, five minute, spooky-moody-atmospheric ballad version of her latest single in Sweden, ‘Crying Out Your Name’. It was quite WOW. We’ve all heard this song a billion times already (haven’t we…..not just us?…), but this version she performed today was like discovering it all over again. Watch both songs below.

More info on Musikhälpen and how to donate, here.

And earlier performances here.

Crying Out Your Name

In My Head


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