Kerima: ‘Never Settle For Less’

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Swedish singer Kerima has released her latest single in the US last week – ‘Never Settle For Less’.

Kerima is a singer of dance music with a pop tint to it. Or perhaps pop music with a dance tint to it. Either way, it was always likely that she was going to float our boat and arouse our interest, and she did both when she featured on last year’s summer hit that wasn’t, ‘Den Bästa Dagen‘. Latest single ‘Never Settle For Less’ is her all on her lonesome though.

It’s not one of those hands-in-the-air dance anthems. It’s more a get-into-your-sexy-groove-on-the-dancefloor kind of thing – without wanting to reveal too much about how we get into our sexy groove on the dancefloor. It’s vigorous enough for you to have a good shake to ‘in the club’. And it’s melodious enough to be enjoyed in a setting within the harsh and sobering light of day.

We like. Particularly as Friday night edges closer and closer…..

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