Meow: ‘Radio Silence’

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A brand new Scandinavian electropop act with a killer debut single. Always an endearment.

Meow are a new outfit featuring Norwegian Sara Skjoldnes and Brit Jamie Haj, and currently writing and recording their debut album. Sara is the vocalist, and as well as playing the drums and keys, Jamie is the gent who produces all of the music.

And ‘Radio Silence’ is that aforementioned killer single.

Really, we could spend all morning bigging up the brilliance of ‘Radio Silence’. We really could. But there’s no point. Because once you listen to the song and it’s finished playing, there’s only one part which will be going around and around and around and around in your head afterwards. Get used to these words, because you’re going to be singing them a lot throughout the course of the day;

radio radio radio, si-i-le-ence, all I’m gettin is radio radio radio radio si-i-le-ence“.


What a chorus.


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