Moving On, to a brighter Dawn!

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Hooray – it’s a new Sarah Dawn Finer single! After giving us ‘Moving On’ – THE torch song of 2009, she’s now bestowing ‘Standing Strong’. Someone’s really broken this lady’s heart – but she’s fine, she’s strong, she’s moving on! And what does it sound like? Well it’s an uptempo ballad – very much in the same vein as the likes of ‘Halo’ and ‘Already Gone’, the Ryan Tedder produced ballads that have been massive this year, and soundtracked many people’s relationships around the world. Well this is Sarah’s take on that sound. A backing beat that stops and starts, a catchy repetitive ‘oh,oh,oh’ lament after the chorus, and she’s even thrown in a gospel choir.

It’s really very good.

What’s great about this release though, is the fact that you can buy it RIGHT NOW! Again, Roxy Recordings have made the very smart move of releasing it on iTunes simultaneously around the world – as soon as it was ready. Usually a song will leak onto the internet weeks, in fact mostly months ahead of its release. Fans and casual admirers alike will illegally download the track, and then decide whether they want to buy it two months later when it goes on sale – which, of course doesn’t always translate. With ‘Standing Strong’ though, if you want to hear it now – you have to buy it. And so it’s selling all around the world right now.

Sarah’s already gone top 20 on Swedish iTunes today and that’ll no doubt increase as radio play picks up. Plus, the video is being completed at the moment and will be made available to view very soon too.

It’s amazing. Go buy!

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