September – Teen Queen?

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september petra marklund

The majority of UK dance music fans first heard of, and subsequently lapped up September last summer when she released her mammoth hit ‘Cry For You’. But that was a full year after she’d released a third album in her native Sweden. Her Swedish fans, and internet savvy international fans had been enjoying her music for the previous four years before ‘Cry For You’ came out in the UK. Her albums , ‘September’, ‘In Orbit’ and ‘Dancing Shoes’ have been consumed, digested, and praised by scandipop fans over and over again.

26134655zBut how many of you knew that there was an album released prior to September’s debut album? In fact, you can still buy it via an Austrian website! Released under her real name of Petra Marklund, ‘Teen Queen’ is an eleven track foray into the sound of Europop in the late nineties/early noughties. Unfortunately though, it’s not emulating the good Europop that was around. Instead, it personifies all of the bad Europop that sprung up once that genre started showing signs of spawning global hits! Every producer in mainland Europe had a go at counterfeiting the formula that made quite a lot of European hits successful in the UK, US, Asia, South America, and Australia. And all roped in a fit young blonde girl to front it! Petra Marklund was obviously one of them! At the link below, you can hear clips of the songs for yourself. Most of them sound the same They do at least have catchy melodies, but the production is just too unforgiving, and completely unforgivable! The song titles are our favourite part; ‘La Dee Daa Daa’, and ‘Candy Kissed’ – although not too dissimilar to the song titles she’s since bashed out in her September guise; ‘La La La’ and ‘Candy Love’.

You can listen to clips of the songs, buy the album, or just confirm that we’re not making up utter rubbish at the link below;

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