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89a7dcae 2ddd 40b0 a1d5 1203d2908d09Let’s have a look at the progress of some albums that we mentioned in the last month! Three of them entered the Swedish album charts this week. Lena & Orup enter at number two, despite enjoying a number one single a few weeks back. 7a634f3d 9ad4 4d62 93ca bfd2f8b6a631The ‘Dubbel’ album has been well received by critics and fans, with many reviews positive that the album contained lots of potential hit singles on there. So that should see its chart life extend into 2009. f8c5ed37 ee81 49fa 9da3 c71c527c0a68Magnus Carlsson’s Greatest Hits collection enters at number 7. ‘Re:Collection 93 – 08’ is an epic 40 tracker, containing his new single ‘Walking In My Shoes’. Despite its utter amazingness, the single has thus far failed to make the top 60 singles chart. But we played it at scandipop late week where it went down ace223974 b40f 42fa 989f 5844f5fc21b1 treat! Interestingly, his ‘Live Forever’ album is a re-entry at 60! Next up, Charlotte Perrelli’s Christmas album, ‘Rimfrostjul’ has to settle for a number 12 position. This will be quite a disappointment to Charlotte and her label, Naxos, as many retailers were offering the heavily fe617643 3f90 47c6 be31 405adba6bfe0discounted album for little over half the price of most other top selling titles. And with Christmas albums yet to come from Amy Diamond, and 9d0b4911 5e39 442d 8de0 c4e0386cd4e9Sanna, Shirley and Sonja, it’s unlikely that ‘Rimfrostjul’ will see a reverse in fortunes. Many fans have criticised the album as it’s a huge step away from the pop music that she usually releases, and is quite a dark, orchestral, classical album. Poor Agnes Carlsson is down to number 20 after only three weeks and a number 5 peak, which isn’t abaaeeab 6ade 46cf a5e4 e278ae3007cbreflective of its quality. So far, her best album to date has proven to be her least successful. Agnetha Faltskog’s Greatest Hits, and Sonja Alden’s latest album ‘Under Mitt Tak’ are faring a lot better – after six weeks on the chart each, they’re still hanging around at numbers 21 and 22 respectively.

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