Melodifestivalen 2011: Our chat with Marie Serneholt!


Marie Serneholt. To us, she’s the epitome of star quality. There’s something, a lot of things actually, very likeable and charming about her. She’s pretty, she’s funny, and when she can be bothered, she can knock out a good pop tune or two. This year it’s fantastic to have her involved in Melodifestivalen. Unfortunately it’s not as a performer, as she was in 2009. But on the plus side, it IS as a presenter – which means that we get her on our screens for most of the show. Every show for six weeks at that! And what a fabulous presenter she’s turned out to be, too. Totally charismatic, and to use an old cliché, the camera just LOVES her! We’re expecting, and hoping, to see her on TV a lot more after Melodifestivalen has finished.

A couple of weeks ago in Luleä, we got a chance to have a brief interview with her. Or a ‘speed-date’ as it was referred to by the head of press who arranged it. We wanted to ask her about her current presenting job of course (as getting press for that role was the reason everyone present was given their date with her), but we also wanted to sneak in a few questions about what WE (and we think, most of YOU) wanted to know about too – her own music, when we can expect to hear it, A*Teens, Sara Lumholdt, etc etc. And we managed it thankfully. Or as much as you can in one of these speed dates anyway.

scandipop: Marie, hello!

Marie: Hello!

scandipop: This is the second time we’re seeing you at Melodifestivalen. Back in 2009 it was as a singer, and this year as a presenter. Which would you say that you were more nervous about? Or excited about, as the case may be.

Marie: I was really nervous when I was competing in 2009. I had NO idea how big Melodifestivalen is, you can’t even expect how big it is. It’s a big circus. So I was really nervous then. And it was the first time that I was gonna perform on my own on such a big stage in Sweden. So that was really nerve racking. But now…..I’m nervous, but in a different way, because now I know what the schlager is all about. So I’m not nervous about that part, because I know what’s going on. But this is still new territory for me.

scandipop: Yeah, whereas before it was the first time you were singing on your own on a big stage in Sweden, now it’s the first time you’re presenting.

Marie: Exactly. I’m going all in, ha ha!

scandipop: I’m sure you’ll be fine, you’re such a charmer in front of those cameras!

Marie: Ha ha ha!

scandipop: And would you compete as a singer again?

Marie: I would love to! I was actually keeping my fingers crossed for this year…

scandipop: You entered a song for this year?!

Marie: Yeah! So I was waiting for an answer, when this opportunity came up. So I didn’t know if I was gonna compete or not. And then I got this anyway.

scandipop: Ah I see.

Marie: So yes, I would love to do it another year.

182046 10150143250805931 604630930 8570578 8023192 nscandipop: Ok, well in that case the next question is when WILL we hear some new music from you? It’s been far too long.

Marie: I know, I know! I’m going into the studio and then I get interrupted, starting with Grease and then everything had to be put on hold. And now I’m putting it on hold again because I’m doing this. But in March I’m going into the studio again and then I’m gonna record some songs.

scandipop: Who are you gonna work with?

Marie: I don’t know. I think I’m gonna work with some different producers, because I don’t know yet what kind of music I want to do, so I want to find my new way.

scandipop: Ah ok. And next……and I’m sure you get asked about this all the time…….A*Teens!

Marie: YES!

scandipop: A lot of bands from ten years ago, from the nineties are reforming and releasing music again. Do you think that could ever happen with you guys?

Marie: Erm…..what, you want to have a band called A*Dults?! Ha ha.

scandipop: Eh….well….yes actually!

Marie: I actually think… should never say never…..but I think that all of us feel like we wanna leave it as it was, you know. It was something really special. But we’ve moved on. So I don’t think we’re gonna have a reunion. But you never know.

scandipop: Yeah you never know, maybe like a one-off gig or a charity show or something like that….


scandipop: I’m putting words in your mouth now aren’t I?! I’ll just shut up!

Marie: Ha ha ha! I don’t know, we’ll see!

scandipop: Sara Lumholdt is of course competing this year as an artist. Have you seen her yet?

Marie: No, not yet.

scandipop: When was the last time you saw her?

Marie: Last year. But I haven’t seen her this year yet, I’ll see her in Linköping.

scandipop: And how are things between you two?

Marie: Fine, absolutely fine!

scandipop: Is it just the press building things up and making out that tensions are more than what they are?

Marie: It actually is, it really is. I’m really looking forward to seeing her.

scandipop: I’m glad! Thank you for your time Marie, and best of luck with your presenting duties!

Marie: Thank you!

There we have it – new music soon, she’d love to do Melodifestivalen as an artist again, AND things are fine with Sara Lumholdt. Excellent news all round! We weren’t quite so pleased with her brutal honesty about the unlikelihood of an A*Teens reunion, but we did actually enjoy (a little bit) totally being put in our place by her, with the snarky look and answer she gave us!

You can follow Marie’s Melodifestivalen 2011 journey at her blog.

Here, in case you’ve forgotten it, is her 2009 Melodifestivalen appaearance with ‘Disconnect Me’. And below that, you can see our favourite comedy sketch of Melodifestivalen 2011 so far – Marie as ‘Barbie Girl’!

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