Melodifestivalen 2010: It’s all over :(

However, we’ve been left with the full voting statistics to mull over during the festival comedown! And here they are! There’s lots for you to analyze there. Biggest surprise for us, was just how easily Alcazar and Neo were beaten in the Andra Chansen round. And also in heat 4, Neo actually came 5th by a bit of a margin after the first round of votes, but was saved when the lines were opened for a second time. Also benefitting from the voting commencing a second time once the winner of the heat had been announced, were Ola and Andreas Johnson. Both of them would have had to settle for Andra Chansen after the first set of voting in their respective heats. And the artists that lost out as a result of their gain? Jessica Andersson and Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelman. However, both of those artists also got by far the highest amount of votes in Andra Chansen, but as they were in the same half, only one could qualify to the final – allowing Pernilla Wahlgren from the other half, to go through on much less votes.

So this was the winner on Saturday;

It wasn’t the song that we wanted to win (that was ‘Manboy’ or ‘Kom’ for us!), but it’s a nice song, and a worthy winner all the same. It should do well enough at Eurovision in May. A lot has been said about the poor quality of the songs of this year’s Melodifestivalen. But whilst there was definitely a lot of utter rubbish in some of the heats, there was a strong line up in the final – we liked all ten songs. The year itself won’t go down as a classic year by any means though, and suffered greatly from having to follow up the incredible 2009 Melodifestivalen. But more on the songs in a couple of weeks – when we countdown our top 20 of the year, once the dust has settled!

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