Maj Blom: ‘Grillpartaj’/’BBQ’

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majblom e1337699288141And now for a hefty portion of Swedish cheese. Or rather, Swedish meat covered in melted cheese. Basically, a hot mess.

Here’s a new summer pop dance tune with a chorus that translates as “BBQ party. Come to my home and taste my meat“. And it’s performed by a girl.

That girl is Maj Blom. And because ‘Grillpartaj’ is such a sure fire international smash, she’s even gone and recorded an English version – ‘BBQ’. That one changes the above chorus tagline ever so slightly. But don’t worry, there are still enough lyrical gems to get any party started – “don’t be afraid, of my┬ámarinade“, and “I’ve got the meat, you bring the sausage” being choice cuts, if you’ll pardon the pun.

The song ‘Grillpartaj’ is of course pure cheese, set to a dance beat. With a dubstep breakdown (obviously). And a triumphant key change (marvellous). It’s ridiculously catchy too – as these things should always be.

You can listen to both songs in full below, accompanied by the understandably bizarre (but kind of amazing anyway) video. It features our classy heroine Maj approaching strangers, kissing them, and leaving them powerless to resist following her to wherever it is she’s going – probably home to her BBQ with the aforementioned meat on offer. Also, even more bizarrely (and perhaps even more amazingly too), once the video has finished, the remainder of the clip is the instrumental of the track playing out to an image of Maj’s chest dressed in a raw meat bikini.


Sweden, we’ve said it before many times, but allow us to say it again. We really do love you.



Grillpartaj - Grillpartaj - Single



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