Titanix: ‘Precis Som Jag Är’

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Gosh it’s been a while since we graced these pages with a half schlager, half dansband, hybrid of camp Swedish ridiculousnessness. Step forth Titanix, and their new single ‘Precis Som Jag Är’, from current album ‘Genom Natten’.

‘Precis Som Jag Är’ takes the highest common denominator of dansband and the lowest commen denominator of schlager and runs with it. You know the sort – so deathly unfashionable that even Linda Bengtzing herself would turn her nose up at it while making some grossly inappropriate comment. We’d liken it to early ABBA but we have too much respect for the forefathers of Scandipop. But y’know, there’s something so compelling and so adorable about this sound, that we really can’t get enough – the few times that any artist these days is actually brave enough to come out with something like this.

Oh and it goes without saying that there’s a key change.

Amazing. And do you know what the best thing is? ‘Precis Som Jag Är’ isn’t even the most schlagertastic gem on their new ‘Genom Natten’ album, there’s a great deal more where that came from. Naturally, we’re stocking it in our online store – so if you live outside of Sweden, you can pick it up here.

Now though. The song;

Precis som jag är - Genom natten

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