Little Majorette: ‘Overflow’

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Here we have a Swedish band with the first single from their new album. Which all seems nice and fresh, doesn’t it?! The band are Little Majorette (Zoe Durrant, Petter Winnberg, and Nils Tornqvist), the single is ‘Overflow’, and the album which comes on April 20th is ‘Rifle Heart’.

‘Overflow’ is what we’re gonna focus on today though. A delightfully cute pop track that’s so sweet it’s almost edible! Think of it as a softer, more laidback approach to the sound that Lily Allen adopted on ‘Alfie’ and ‘Fuck You’. Most of its charm comes from its juxtaposition of being an exceptionally happy sounding song, but totally filled with sadness. Not just lyrically, but in the vocal delivery from Zoe who sounds like she’s so fed up with love, that she actually comes across as bored. But it works. Particularly in the chorus, which is about as Cloud 9 as you can get in terms of music and melody, and she’s just ‘meh’!

You can hear the song and watch the video below. HOWEVER, we sort of recommend that you press play and then leave the site to go look at something else, having the song on in the background. For the first listen anyway. Why? Well, just because that’s what we ended up doing yesterday, just by pure chance, not intentionally. And we fell in love with the song straight away. When we revisited later, and sat through the video………..well, we just found it all far too twee! Almost off-putting. The song nearly finds itself swallowed up in the visual of the video, and the two don’t really marry very well in our opinion. But perhaps that’s just us (it usually is, in these instances!). Regardless, the song is fantastic, so do take a listen.

Another reason to investigate is that when you type ‘little majorette overflow’ into Google images, a picture of Le Kid comes up!

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