How About That?!

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ISIS GEE photo session25

Don’t you just love it when a new song comes along that’s been produced by Felix and Märta from Le Kid, and Anders Hansson?!

Here’s the latest one; ‘How About That’ by Isis Gee.

We HAD to mention it on here for two reasons. Firstly, there’s the awe inspiring production. It’s so disco disco disco. The three super-Swedes have managed to craft a sound which pays homage to classic disco music, while bringing it right up to 2011. It’s got a phenomenal riff that rears its head throughout most of the track, that goes something along the lines of;

*manic-yet-dreamy-string-bit, BANG BANG BANG, manic-yet-dreamy-string-bit, BANG BANG BANG*

The riff is at its most amazing when it’s accompanied by unrelenting and merciless wailing from Isis herself. Check out the section from the 2.17 minute mark until the 2.35 mark for the absolute best part of the song. Can you IMAGINE that being performed live?! And then from the 3.08 point until the song ends is more splendid stuff still. It might take one or two listens to hit you, but when it does, IT DOES!

And the second reason we had to mention it on here is its video. Every frame and every shot is pure gold and utter joy. The hair, the make-up, the facial expressions (the first shot we see of her face is our personal fave), the outfits! The charismatic delivery. Just look at how natural she is in front of the camera! How comfortable she looks in every shot! And then there’s the bar scene at the end – her superb acting is only rivalled by the tight pink PVC mini-dress that she’s somehow managed to squeeze herself into – and flesh, out of.

This should be the blueprint for all pop videos.

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