Largo Girl

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Hmmm. This is an odd one!

Aqua. Right now they’re on a tour of Australia, which is great. They released a new album last year, ‘Megalomania’, and they’ll be performing songs from that album, plus their classic hits too. So when they get booked to perform on a national breakfast TV show, they’re faced with a bit of a dilemma. Do they sing a new song to promote the album? Or a well known hit to promote the tour? Well earlier today they settled on the latter – and went with ‘Barbie Girl’. However, they did an acoustic version of it!!!

An acoustic version of ‘Barbie Girl’. THE ‘Barbie Girl’. Performed acoustically.

Quite what purpose this served, we can’t work out. After all, concert goers won’t be getting any acoustic songs on the tour – so why promote it that way? And besides – it’s ‘BARBIE GIRL’! If even their most loyal fans are feeling a bit WTF about it, we can’t imagine what the casual Aussie observer at home must have thought. An acoustic version of ‘Barbie Girl’.

Even Rene couldn’t contain his mortified giggles during the performance.


We love Aqua. Here’s their acoustic version of ‘Barbie Girl’. It’s quite the lark, once you get over what it is;

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