Fuck You Pay Me: ‘Min Min Min’

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Fuck You Pay Me – a new outfit that is the brainchild of two “alternative” Swedish rap artists RMK and Johan Alander – are behind a brand new track that we keep hearing is going to be 2012’s Svensk sommarplåga, the big Swedish hit this summer.

So we had a listen to it.

The initial WTF moments gave way to a this-is-actually-alright kind of feeling towards it. It’s still very WTF, but sort of charmingly so. We guess it depends how forgiving you are of things like this. The best way to describe it is that it’s like a cross between ‘We Speak No Americano’ and novelty Swedish rap. It’s likability is helped along by its use of a famous sample (well, we say famous – but don’t ask us to name it). And the whole thing is totally harmless, if not without some actual music merit.

If you’re Swedish, then there’s a good chance that you might be hearing ‘Min Min Min’ a lot over the summer. So it really is for the best that you take a listen now, accept it for what it is, and prepare yourself for what might be to come at every grillfest you attend over the next few months.

Although we still reckon that THIS has had the biggest headstart to becoming the big sommarplåga this year.

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