Kobojsarna: ‘Timeless’

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They’ve been around in some form or another since 2003 (they were previously a trio until recently), but Kobojsarna are still releasing tunes as though nothing has changed in popular music since then at all. Which, in a way, is quite endearing and refreshing. They’ve got a fanbase, they know what said fanbase want, and they’re giving it to them. Still.

The latest single is called ‘Timeless’. As with the rest of their catalogue, it’s all very E-Type, with a bit of early Basshunter thrown in for good measure. Early Cascada looks on from the sidelines too. It’s banging, it’s pounding, and it’s unrelenting. Big bass, super synths, a few sirens, and some heavily vocodered singing. If you like that sort of cheesy Euro-house, then this fills that quota quite satisfactorily. We do anyway, and it has!

The two boys are Swedish but spend most of their time as Kobojsarna in Norway, where they’ve had far more success than in their native Sweden. If the below tune leaves you hankering for a bit more, then check out their previous single, ‘Bambi 2011’ and also their single from last year, ‘La Perla’. Actually, ‘La Perla’ is the best thing they’ve ever done and undeniably several shades of amazing, so if you do only check out one song from them, make it that one!

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