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Marika+Lejon+002One of the highlights of this year’s Melodi Grand Prix in Norway was undoubtedly the competing of Marika Lejon with ‘Hungry For You (Gipsy Dance)’. Both sonically and visually it was a spectacular treat for anyone who appreciates their pop music to be jaw dropping – for whatever reason.

It’s like the desolate sister of Lady Gaga’s ‘Americano’, abandoned by its super successful sibling, drinking itself to homelessness as result, but still banging its beat stubbornly on its worn out drum. Fuelled by the lucky pilfering of a bottle of Johnnie Walker, it’s summoned up the energy to have one final stab at success. A video has been made for the song – inexplicably eight months late. Marika finally got round to publishing it on Vimeo on Thursday night.

We don’t know why it’s so late, or indeed why the corpse of this particular dead horse is still being flogged, but better late than never, we say. If nothing else, it’s a final reminder of just how enjoyable this song is – again, for whatever reasons you choose. And it’s the deserved cataloguing of a track in the best way possible, to ensure that its legend never dies in the online world of You Tube and the likes.

Personally, we were delighted to learn yesterday that those final ten seconds of vocal wretching still have the power to almost evoke the same reaction in us. We love it!

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