Ace of Base: ‘All For You’ – the remixes!

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The remixes of one of the most anticipated singles this year have arrived. Last month, Ace of Base premiered their comeback single ‘All For You’, and have been servicing it to radio stations worldwide ever since in preperation for its commercial release next month.

First up we have the ‘Dance Extended Remix’. It’s got an 80’s-esque Stock, Aitken & Waterman vibe to it, although still manages to sound thoroughly modern with it. The best part is the middle eight, which is then followed by a shift in decade influences – a 90’s piano house bit. As remixes go, it’s not exactly poppers o’clock, or arms in the air. But it’s a charming enough remix anyway. And it’s always difficult to appreciate a remix when you love the original so much.

Next up is ‘The Sign Dub Mix’. Quite confusingly though, it’s not a remix of ‘The Sign’, and nor is it a dub! It’s a harder take on dance music than the previous mix, but keeps to the yesteryear influences. This time it’s 90’s commercial house music meets modern day electro house.

If you’re quick, you can listen to both below, but they may well get taken down soon from the original youtube source.

HOWEVER – the best remix hasn’t actually surfaced on youtube yet. It’s called the ‘Madhouse Monkeys Remix’ and is a pounding masterpiece of club music! Again, it borrows a PWL sound and marries it to a modern beat – turning it into something vaguely amyl worthy. And quite frankly, what more could one want from a remix?!

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