Swedish girlgroup Play are back, thanks to Made In Sweden – a television show that’s been running in Sweden for the last few weeks. The series attempts to get the group back together again, and follows them as they make new music and get it released. It’s one of these things that could go either way really, and then if success does come for a single, or even an album, it’s always going to be difficult to maintain interest beyond that when the television show has long ended. Plus, the show hasn’t actually managed to get the full original line up back together, and let’s not forget that while the group had a sort of profile in the US in their day, they were never actually that big in Sweden in the first place.

However, for now it seems to be going well. ‘Famous’, the first single, had its video premiered last week and the song is a new entry at number 26 on the Swedish radio airplay charts. It’s an enjoyable enough song with a great chorus. Quite rocky, but still definitely pop.

We’re hoping that they at least get to release an album out of all of this. After all, these are the girls who gave us this treat earlier in the decade;

Here’s the new single.

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