Chezelle: ‘You Got A Little Piece Of My Heart’ (take 2!)

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You may remember back in late August we wrote about a new singer from Sweden called Chezelle, and her debut single, ’You Got A Little Piece Of My Heart’. Or more accurately, we wrote about our frustration about how it was a good song ruined by an awful production.

Well praise the pop lords, Chezelle has taken note, put her head down again, and now come back with a brand new version of ‘You Got A Little Piece Of My Heart’. The production has been improved immeasurably, and we’re delighted to discover that we were right – it IS actually a good song after all. Still teeny if not tweeny pop, but then we don’t think it’s setting out to be anything other than that anyway.

There’ll still be ‘h8rz’, such is the puerile nature of the song, but we like it. As we said in our previous post about it, it makes us think of a young Natasha Thomas. And since the likes of ‘It’s Over Now’ and ‘Save Your Kisses For Me’ are memories that we’ll happily go back to again and again, ‘You Got A Little Piece Of My Heart’ is heartily welcomed by us now that its scrubbed itself up a bit.

The video adds to the summery and sweet (and juvenile) feel of the song. And if nothing else, it’s a nice postcard of Stockholm.

You can check out both the song and vid now below. Fans of car-crash-pop needn’t bother searching for the infamously inferior original – ALL traces of it have been dramatically wiped from the internet!

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