Jenny Langlo: ‘Million Dollar Signs’

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The most recent winner of Norwegian Idol, Jenny Langlo, has just put out a corker of a single over there. The laidback yet incredibly punchy ‘Million Dollar Signs’.

It’s her first single as Jenny Langlo the artist, not counting the (also great) Idol winner’s single that she released straight after the contest, ‘Building An Aeroplane‘.

‘Million Dollar Signs’ is a semi cinematic piece – veering between being dramatically orchestral and nonchalant reggae-lite. It’s got a gorgeous melody within the chorus, just wait til the “when I see the million dollar signs in your eyes” part. And we love the beauty of the middle eight too. As big fans of Lana Del Rey, we don’t really want to compare this to her – however, it’s not exactly a million miles away either. This isn’t the usual path that an Idol winner treads, but based on ‘Million Dollar Signs’, we’re more than happy for Jenny Langlo to continue winding her way down it, just to see where it takes her.

Here you can check out the song, and also below that take a look at her live performance of it from Norway’s Allsång På Grensen this week.

Studio version

Million Dollar Signs - Single - Jenny Langlo

Live performance


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