SONG: Carola – ‘Nyår’

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Carola’s still being amazing on Så Mycket Bättre isn’t she? Yep. And tonight it’s HER turn to have all of the artists sing her songs. But last weekend she turned in another great cover – of Familjen’s collaboration with Emil Jensen, ‘Nyår’.
What’s she done with it? Made it more poptastic, given it a great deal more energy, glossed it over with a better production….generally made it a million times better! She also turned it into one of those songs that starts off as an atmospheric ballad, and then turns into a banger. The original didn’t do that.
And is that Christmas bells we hear?! It is! Well, the song is technically a Christmas song after all.
Did Sweden like it? 100,000 Spotify streams in less than a week. It’s gone down very well for her.


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