The Melodifestivalen Files: Thorleifs

The addition of Thorleifs to the list of Melodifestivalen 2009 acts has probably divided reaction like no other. To many, it’ll be the first time they’ve heard the name of the group, and they certainly won’t have even heard, never mind be familiar with, any of their music. At the other end of the spectrum though, are the hoards of people who’ve had fond memories of the band for anything up to the last 46 years!




That’s because Thorleifs have remained faithful to the one genre of music since their formation in 1962 – dansband! And that’s quite a niche genre; you either enjoy it or you steer well clear of it. That’s how Thrleifs have managed to build up an adoring and sizeable fan base, while still remaining completely unknown to many more. Dansband music is a popular style of music in Scandinavia, similar in parts to country, jazz, 50’s and 60’s rock & roll, and even our beloved schlager! Most groups are booked literally to be the bands at dances, hence the name. But the more popular ones released albums, and some are still releasing music today – such as Thorleifs (their most recent album was released in 2007)! Thorleifs are one of the more popular bands, with over 30 albums to their name!


Dansband isn’t the sort of thing that we listen to, but we’re actually looking forward to the participation of Thorleifs. Songs in this genre are ultimately driven by catchy melody, and the 266 20080829082825toe tapping factor, and that’s the basis of what we want from a Melodifestivalen song. There probably won’t be any synthesisers and dance beats, or any costume changes (hopefully), but there’ll more than likely be a very good tune. And Christer Sjogren from Melodifestivalen 2008 is another dansband legend – and he ended up giving us one of our favourite songs this year, with ‘I Love Europe’!


The song their singing is called ‘Sweet Kissin In The Moonlight’ – and here’s where it gets REALLY good – it’s been written by Lisa and Marten Eriksson. The last time they worked together we got ‘Kom’ by Jessica Andersson, and ‘This Moment’ by Marie Picasso! The inclusion of Thorleifs has been a joy to some, a surprise to others, and indifferent to a lot – but we’re sure it’ll be welcomed by most once the song is revealed.

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