Janna: ‘Sä Et Ole Hullu’

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JannaSEOH e1382340463609

Here’s a new track from Finland that’s been getting us very excited this week. ‘Sä Et Ole Hullu’ by Janna.

Excitable not just because it’s very good, but also because it’s basically a clear amalgamation of two of our favourite Scandipop subgenres. Melancholic electropop, and diva dancepop. We write about both on here lots, but it’s rare that they cross over into each other. And it’s most prominent here because the melancholic electro element isn’t delivered by a whispy or moody vocal, but rather a big diva wail. And it makes for some great listening.

She’s practically revelling in feeling so dark. Does that make the whole thing even darker?

Here’s the song, along with the further juxtaposing noir video.



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