Sandra Kolstad: ‘Zero Gravity State of Mind’

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Here’s a bit of OTT weirdness from Norway. Of course.

It’s ‘Zero Gravity State Of Mind’, the new single and video from Sandra Kolstad. It’s also the name of her album which drops on October 6th.

For the first half of the song, you’re a bit what’s-going-on-here-then. But by the time it’s in its home run, it really finds itself and takes off on one. And the whole thing climaxes in a lengthy playout of joviality, in which the refrain gets repeated with new found familiarity, amongst a chorus of drums and electronics blips and bleats. It’s QUITE the romp.

We last wrote about Sandra Kolstad back in 2012. If you missed it, check out ‘The Well (We Will Change It All)’ right here.

Here’s ‘Zero Gravity State Of Mind’;

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