It’s a new Magnus Carlsson song!

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After the impressive success of his epic, 40+ track Greatest Hits late last year, Magnus Carlsson is back with a brand new single, ‘This Is Disco’. Thankfully he hasn’t strayed very far from his recent songs, and his latest number is pure disco. So much so that it’s actually a tribute to the very heart, soul, and sound of disco. Most of the lyrics are made up of classic disco song titles. And what of the song itself? Well, it’s obviously a lot of fun…’s got a key change…..and the music has all the best ingredients of a good disco song…..but it’s just not as catchy as we would have liked. His last single, ‘Walking In My Shoes’ was immensely incredible and we loved everything about it. ‘This Is Disco’, whilst good, is just nowhere near as great as the likes of ‘Walking In My Shoes’, ‘Live Forever’, and ‘Crazy Summer Nights’. But then, when an artist has such moments of brilliance, anything less than that is going to disappoint. However, it should be noted that the Soundfactory remix of ‘This Is Disco’ turns it into a much better club track and somewhat rescues the project. On top of that, the b-side ‘Money (Greedy Honey)’ is possibly even better than the a-side! Another up-tempo number, but a lot poppier and more commercial.

Anyway, it’s great to have Magnus back and making music. We were concerned that he’d go into a period of temporary retirement after his Greatest Hits album. But we’re glad that he’s already getting back into making the type of music that he does best. And hasn’t the weight just DROPPED off him?! Cast your mind back 18 months ago and he was scarily unrecognisable. Now he’s looking a hell of a lot trimmer and he’s got rid of that unflattering hair style he had. He’s almost back to looking as good as he did at Melodifestivalen 2006.

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