Martin Stenmarck: ‘Tonight’s The Night’

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Scandinavian pop music’s second sexiest man, Martin Stenmarck, is back releasing tunes again. And this time, unbelievably, he’s gone to CLUBLAND!

Needless to say, ‘Tonight’s The Night’ is already our favourite song that he’s ever released, after only a week of heavy rotation on the scandipop iPod. Well c’mon now – soft rock is hardly our usual bag, is it? This, on the other hand, is all very WOW. Up-tempo and catchy beyond belief. It’s got all the safe sensibilities of a stadium rock anthem in its melody, to please his usual fans, tacked on to a dance production, to bring in some new fans – us! And of course it also succeeds in bringing Mr Stenmarck right up to date too. Dance music IS very en vogue right now, after all.

Regardless of trends, ‘Tonight’s The Night’ is a tune and a half. With any luck, or indeed with any justice, it’ll be blaring out of Swedish radio all summer, it sounds perfect for just that.

Have a listen;

Martin popped into the Efter Tio studios yesterday to perform it, but unfortunately, as is the way with pop performances on Swedish television these days, the up-tempo backing track was removed completely, and replaced with softer “real” instruments. Although in fairness, the below performance is much more interesting than the standard acoustic fare, and it’s actually been given an orchestral makeover. Still, the regular version would have been much better.

Off topic slightly, the below image is on posters FLOODING Stockholm right now, and stopping us in our tracks every time. Not that we’re complaining, mind. It’s advertising the Ladies Night 2011 tour which is going around Sweden this year. Martin Stenmarck AND Brolle right at the front. Too handsome for words. And what lady wouldn’t want Martin Stenmarck and Brolle right at the front….


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