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Who? 20-year-old artist and songwriter Hanna Jäger, from Sweden. Henceforth known as YAEGER for the purposes of her pop career. Today she releases ‘Dopamine High’, and BOY is it damn good. An excellent pop tune that we fell hard for on first listen.
What does YAEGER say? “The idea was to create a song with the same feeling of curiosity and adventure that you can feel at a rave, open-air or a music festival. I wanted to bring out the fun and exciting atmosphere when you’ve just met a person, knowing that all you will have with them/they is this one night, so you lose yourself to that moment. I want the listener to almost feel the electricity. So during the composing of Dopamine High we decided it would be about two people not being able to concede their feelings for eachother, and them eventually ignoring all the questions about why and when and give it all up for a second, for that Dopamine High.”
Written by? YAEGER herself, along with Mona Khoshoi, Robert Thenor and Marcus Gåhlin. Produced by Mona Khoshoi and Marcus Gåhlin.
More from YAEGER? This is her third single, following ‘Butterflies‘ and ‘Ocean‘. Her debut EP will follow early next year.

You can find ‘Dopamine High’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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