INTRODUCING: Dominique Tey – ‘Heartstream’

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Who? Dominique Tey from Sweden. Formerly one half of the duo MAASAI. Now she launches her solo career with the gorgeous ‘Heartstream’, the video for which she released today.
What’s the best bit? We’re a sucker for a hauntingly melodic chorus. This one is both hauntingly melodic and tauntingly melodic. Incredible.
What does Dominique say about the vid? “I had the pleasure to work with the genius Martin Falk on this video and on my artwork. We weren’t actually planning on making a music video, only taking some press photos and making a teaser for Heartstream. But when we arrived we noticed that they had a little rainforest and a big aquarium with sharks. I’m actually against the zoo concept and really don’t like seeing animals being trapped like that. But we got the idea to capture the sadness in that image and to highlight it. It also felt like I could relate with the sharks swimming in an endless loop.”
More from Dominique? Her debut EP will follow in the autumn.

You can find ‘Heartstream’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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