INTRODUCING: Elin Rigby – ‘A Friend With A Car’

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Who is Elin Rigby? A 24 year old singer from Gothenburg in Sweden. Her first single is ‘A Friend With A Car’. And it’s very good.
What’s it like? It’s a twinkly, starry eyed, and dreamy synth track with an inviting production and a commandeering vocal. It’s airy and summery. And they’ve arranged the backing vocals to be almost as focal as the main vocal.
It sounds familiar… It does? Well that’s because it’s a cover. An English language version of ‘En Vän Med En Bil’, from Håkan Hellström’s first album.
Written by? Håkan Hellström wrote the original, but Elin has written the English translation herself. Maivand Ahmadza, Sasko Colik, and Sebastian Opava are on production duties for the synthpop makeover.


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