Norway. Not content with exporting the biggest worldwide novelty hit of the last year with ‘The Fox’ by Ylvis, they’ve now got their sights set on the next twelve months too. ‘Salsa Tequila’ by Anders Nilsen.

In his own words: “To make the ultimate summer hit, you need a few specific ingredients:. A dancey beat, an accordion, a saxophone, and last but not least: Spanish lyrics! The only problem is, even though I love Spanish, I don’t speak a single word of it, and neither do most people in Norway. So to make it easy for people that don’t speak Spanish to learn it, the lyrics are based on words everyone has heard before, so they can sing along”.

Taco. Chorizo. Adelén. Old El Paso. Shakira. Livin La Vida Loca.

So it’s sort of like what the fox would say if he spoke in Spanish clichés.


‘Salsa Tequila’;

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