Little Dragon: New Album

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Little Dragon perform a Ritual Union for us header image

It was in 2007 that electro-pop quartet Little Dragon first came onto the Swedish scene, and they have been colouring the music world in their own shade of pop ever since. ‘Machine Dreams’, the follow-up to their self-titled debut album came out in 2009 and was followed two years later by ‘Ritual Union’. The Dragons have revealed – true to character, in an appropriately kookie video – that they are now in the process of recording their new album.

Great news for fans, but what about those who have yet to indulge in Little Dragon magic? No problem. There is time. Here are a few facts to bring you up to speed:

  • The foursome are school friends from Gothenburg.
  • Lead singer and front-lady is Yukimi Nagano (who’s mystic vocals led SBTRKT’s ‘Wildfire’, and has worked with the likes of José González, Gorilaz and DJ Shadow.)
  • The name ‘Little Dragon’ came from a nickname of hers, due to the fiery tantrums she used to throw in the studio. She says that this is all a thing of the past: ‘we’ve grown up a bit and I realised you can’t have a fit every day because otherwise you won’t be able to stand each other.’

Art Pop

True that. If only more of the pop world would see it the same way. This is one of the things that at times makes Little Dragon a little ‘un-pop.’ The beards are another. Musically, they have an experimental edge that puts them on the left wing of the Scandinavian music scene, alongside The Knife, and their inheritors, the more upbeat Kate Boy.

However they are still poplike due to their emphasis on visual media. With Lady Gaga’s ArtPop out last year, more than ever have the worlds of the two merged. Posters and artwork of pop icons (and others) are easily available online and not only provide a way for fans to express their support, but are also a principal medium by which singers and musicians can project and establish their image. This is the case with Little Dragon and their ‘Fan Art’; lucid impressions of themselves, recklessly coloured in and caricatured.

Indeed, Little Dragon are perhaps best known for the ‘cool puppet video’ they made. This was a music video for their song ‘Twice’ which starred only small puppets on sticks made out of card. The video is beautiful, showing a young girl playing with a bird that looks like a chickpea on stilts. We follow the two on their wanderings, until the girl is eventually seduced by the sound of a flute played by Death, dancing on a hillock.

Little Dragon’s next album will be out soon. May we all be likewise seduced.

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