VIDEO: Amy Deasismont – ‘One’

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A Swedish pop legend before she’d even reached the age of 18. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from child star Amy Diamond. Now a 24 year old woman though, she’s back. And releasing music under her real name Amy Deasismont. Debut single ‘One’ is a haunting synthpop track, with – if you arch your ears ever so slightly – an undeniable (yet very subtle) flashback to the quirky n’ kitsch production that became Amy’s trademark sound very early on in her career. And whether she’s done that intentionally in ‘One’, or if it’s more a case that she doesn’t even realise she’s doing it these days, we absolutely LOVE that it’s in here! This week, Amy also released a video for a candlelight version of the song – and we fell in love with the track all over again. Watch below;

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