Ida: ‘Underdog’

Ida Maria

So just as this year’s X Factor Denmark wraps up, last year’s winner Ida has gone and capitalised on the perfect timing, by putting out a new single of her own. ‘Underdog’.

‘Underdog’ sounds like something that Ida’s fellow Danish poppet Oh Land would come out with. Perhaps Oh Land crossed with Swedish Idol’s most recent winner Amanda Fondell. There we are – that’s the song put into a nice little box. And at the risk of sounding like an X Factor judge while describing it, it’s contemporary, it’s current, and it’s very grown up, by X Factor contestant standards – especially bearing in mind that Ida’s still within her first album ‘era’.

Mark ‘Underdog’ down as another success story of Denmark’s version of the show.

Below you can listen to the studio version of the song, plus watch her (quite brill) performance of it from last week’s X Factor semi-final.

Underdog - Single - Ida


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