Gutarra: ‘Dicksuckin’

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There’s no easy way to say this, but basically “I’m done dicksuckin man now you can suck it for me“.

So goes the explosive chorus of the new single from Swedish singer Gutarra. Explosive not just in the sense of those controversial lyrics, but also more so because it’s just a rocking great chorus. A rocking great song in fact. It’s futuristic electropunkpop that shocks with its hooks far more than it does with those words. And the attitude is dripping from every line.

The video sums up ‘Ducksuckin’ perfectly. Gutarra stomping and strutting around aggressively, while ranting about how she’s gonna “fuck you in the ass with my microphone“. Once again though, don’t let the attention grabbing lyrics put you off – at the (cold black) heart of it all is a really good song. That warped production is to die for. Although we obviously love what she’s spouting over the top of it too.

Some of you may recognise Gutarra from her stint fronting punk band La Puma, and others from her debut solo single ‘Tongues Of Fire‘ from last year (following on from her participation in the Swedish version of The Voice) – under her full name Helena Gutarra. But she’s more or less deleted that from the internet and now this – ‘Dicksuckin’ – is where starting afresh from. And we kinda love her for that.



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