Loreen! Live!

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The perennially amazing Loreen popped by Swedish radio station Mix Megapol recently, plonked herself onto a stool atop a stage, and performed an acoustic set to a small and very lucky group of audience members present.

Luckily for all of us though, it was all filmed. And we can now take a look at it in its glorious entirety below.

She performed;

  • ‘Jöga’
  • ‘She’s The One’
  • ‘My Heart Is Refusing Me’
  • ‘Euphoria’

The lady herself hot foots it to Azerdzjaban….Azerdzjaban….Aze…..to Baku in a matter of weeks to compete with ‘Euphoria’ for Sweden, hoping (and widely expected) to take the Eurovision Song Contest home with her. Over the last few days, a new (final) version of ‘Euphoria’ has been released. There’s not a lot that’s different about it, just that the string sections have been brought much higher into the mix. In any case, they’ve somehow managed to actually improve the song – a feat which we had genuinely thought impossible. You can have a listen to it here.

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