Jenni Vartiainen: ‘Selvästi Päihtynyt’

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Jenni Vartiainen is back with a new single and video, the latest to be taken from her new album ‘Terra’. She’s gone with ‘Selvästi Päihtynyt’, which follows up August’s ‘Junat Ja Naiset’. But this one is much better.

It all starts off a bit WTF, but soon reveals itself to be an absolutely brilliant piece of pop. Bizarre in places (particularly the 90s Europop production in the second verse), and it’s odd to hear an artist like Jenni revel in being so poptastic, but obviously very refreshing too. Best bits are the bombastic instrumental middle eight and outro sequences – euphoric pop triumphs the pair of them! They take the melody of the chorus and not just hammer it home, but board it up inside too. It’s the sound of unashamed, unbridled joy.

The vid adds to the enjoyment of the song too – Jenni frolicking around an ice rink with absolute glee.

‘Selvästi Päihtynyt’ is out now and has been released outside of Finland too.



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