Look what we stumbled upon on youtube today!

It’s a mash up of the ‘candlelight’ version of Velvet’s ‘Fix Me’ with ‘Lord Give Me A Sign’ by DMX! The marriage is an unlikely one – scandipop’s finest with one of American hip hop’s finest, but it’s an absolute beauty nonetheless. Essentially, it’s just the ballad version of ‘Fix Me’ with an added beat behind it, and with DMX himself popping up at the beginning. It’s definitely worth a listen though, if you’re a fan of either Velvet or ‘Fix Me’. We stumbled upon it as we were actually searching for the ballad version on youtube today. We’d been listening to said mix on Spotify earlier (it’s an old favourite) and it occurred to us that some ‘Fix Me’ fans might not even know that the slow mix exists. And so we wanted to share it.

‘Fix Me’ is obviously amazing in its original form, and is one of our favourite tracks of the last decade. But the ballad version becomes something special in its own right. The piano is stunning, and the vocals are great too – certainly enough to silence anyone that says that Velvet can’t sing. But what’s best about the ballad version is the fact that the lyrics really come into their own too. They’re incredibly sad, a sorrow that is highlighted in the context of the haunting backing track in a way that it wasn’t before, as a club song. Oh it’s almost too much to bear! They’re harrowing!

The ballad version is directly below, with the unofficial DMX mash up below that.

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